Makoto Ofune in AORA

Virtual platform launches on 15 June
We are delighted to announce Makoto Ofune's participation in AORA, a virtual platform aimed to instill a sense of calm and wellbeing through the curated meeting of architecture, art and sound. Included in the virtual exhibition will be WAVE #97 (2014) by Makoto Ofune.
AORA is a virtual space composed of three halls featuring the work of emerging to established contemporary artists who address and relate to the healing notions of meditation, landscape and environment. The project will connect through a live programme people from AORA’s community creating links between its core tenets of architecture, art, sound and wellbeing.  

In WAVE #97 (2014) by Makoto Ofune (b. 1977, Japan) manifold shades of blue harmoniously create a sensory experience linked to the natural world: light, weather, time and seasons. The combination of traditional Japanese painting techniques with an abstract vocabulary creates an elaborate colour field imbued with lightness and movement. In Ofune’s practice, powdered mineral pigments known as iwa enogu are applied to traditional Japanese hemp paper with nikawa, an animal gelatin glue. This technique enhances the vibrancy and depth of the original raw materials, creating intimate scenes that are both meditative and timeless.


AORA will launch on 15 June at

June 10, 2020