Cho Yong-Ik

5 October – 17 December 2016

This catalogue was produced for the first solo exhibition in Europe of seminal Korean artist Cho Yong-Ik (b. 1934). Rising to prominence in the mid 60s following his studies at Seoul National University, Cho Yong-Ik passed in the 70s to the Dansaekhwa rubric of expression. Presenting a survey of Cho Yong-Ik's works from the 70s, 80s and 90s, the exhibition explores how he at once championed the movement's key tenets - repetition, meditation and tranquility through placing the 'act of making' at the heart of creation - yet differentiated himself from other Dansaekhwa artists by permitting subtle hints of colour to grace his work and placing a further emphasis on energetic materiality.